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Donkey Kong Country 2 - Bramble Blast

394 views 1 year ago
For those that don't understand why this song is playing with a FFVI video, it's because I more or less hacked the song into FFVI via mml hacking and to make a long story short, this is the song that's actually playing on the map! I recreated it to the best of my ability using a midi. =)

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FFVI Music Hacking Play

MML (Macro Music Language) hacking.
Various songs from lots of games and different systems hacked into FFVI!
Some are better quality with vibrato and volume fades etc. and have better volume levels than others due to my experience at the time of creation. Some of these songs will be in RotDS (sounding even better) and some will not.

Sorry for how quiet a lot of these songs are, it's mostly due to how the save screen is set to play the song softer for some reason =/ I may sometimes re-upload some of these how they are in-game as they are louder.

Go to: rotds.webs.com for info on my upcoming big FFVI hack that has lots of more nice songs in it!
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