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Mr Gee

"White Girl"

863 views 2 years ago
You are my White Girl,
My only White Girl,
You make me happy,
When times are tough,

You'll always love me,
When no-one wants me,
And of you,
I can't get enough,

First Mans would never admit to trouble it,
They recreation, undercover it,
But one sniff comes & does the trick,
At first sight they're in love with it,

Secretly, we covet it,
I just can't get enough of it,
The sweetest taboo, it's on you,
The spell is cast, you're under it,

I've seen Mans trawl nightclubs for it,
I've seen 'em fight spill blood for it,
I've seen Mans on his hands & knees,
Pray to sweet Jesus Lord above for it,

So what if I'm under it?
Why are you begrudging it?
You think I care about society,
When my heart's dying to be just touching it?

Dying to be just clutching it,
Blood pumps to become one with it,
Even my mum shakes her head in disgust when I hunger it,

Is it the flicker of her hair?
Her "snow white" hips that can't compare?
The way she consumes me in the moment,
And "Blows" me to the brink of my despair?

Is it the way others stop & stare,
Resent us with a glare,
But isn't this the stuff Presidents are made of,
It straightens the kinks right out their hair,

Yeah I said it & I don't care,
Let Me embellish & just declare,
People ask me: "Is She really that good?"
Nah, she's BETTER & I'm trapped within her lair,

So they whisper in my ear,
Prejudicial thoughts divorced to spare,
But no amount of self-righteous preaching,
Can touch this feeling of warmth when I'm in her care,

So when you see me?
Misconceive me,
Your opinions don't relieve me,
Just believe that you could be me,
Once that love is in the air,

And if you know me,
Don't disown me,
Or dismiss me; Oh-so-coldly,
Just know that I was once so lonely,
Until she answered all my prayers,

Cos she...
Is... my...

White Girl,
My only White Girl,
Some will reject her,
And call her names,

Try to upset her,
But at night they check her,
That's why I address her as,

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