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MICROS Systems Inc.


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In today's ever increasing digital landscape -- where successful business strives for efficiency and engagement, MICROS is leading the way through innovation...

Focusing on connected technology that optimizes your business from single property to enterprise level, execution that takes your business to new frontiers and into the hands of your customers.

MICROS enables this complete connectivity across all platforms...Transforming the customer from a number into an invited guest - an individualized and catered experience.

All coupled with the intelligence to streamline your business- A level of connectivity and integration that redefines the guest experience...while minimizing inefficiencies.

We're talking about a customized engagement designed to continually interact. A complete circle from online, to right on time.A solution that connects your business to your consumers via the most utilized distribution channels.

MICROS's focus is taking your business to the next level while utilizing our solutions to provide accurate and real-time business intelligence... Leading to better decisions executed with precision, all backed with the analytics for complete confidence.

With MICROS, we have Hardware solutions available whenever and wherever your customers are.

It's a personalized approach to the hospitality industry.

Catering memorable moments that make your hospitality experience truly unique, while providing the data for a complete customer profile...Delivering A 360 degree persepective into your customers that presents strategic revenue opportunities and tailored targeted marketing.

New business that's coupled with a better guest experience.

Centralized and scalable network functionality is made possible through data centers placed around the world. All of this functionality is supported by the specialists that make up MICROS' data hosting team. With customers in more than 180 countries and on all seven continents, MICROS is the pre-eminent partner for all Hospitality and Retail Technology Needs. Show less
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