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It's On The Money

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Destruction of America Series

For the Skeptics

Obama truths

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Destruction of America, Kingdom Divided, & Queen of Heaven Play

The entire mystery is solved.. War on terror and the war against your soul is all ONE and the SAME.

The original title of this DVD project was "The Question: Real or Promulgated?" This documentary of sorts is meant to draw anyone into the valley of decision, and to ask the important question: what if there is something more sinister going on then the "War on Terror".

The answer to this question and all questions is Jesus Christ, for He is the Truth, and the only way to escape all the dark deeds that are done in secret by world governments.

We have to be wise enough to know that the prince of this world is stitching together a major lie, Luke 4:5-6,
Ephesians 2:2 - 6:12,
2 Thessalonians 2:11,
and so many other verses warn us about this evil power that covertly runs all major world players, and about the LIES they will use to deceive millions to accept the Mark of the Beast and reject Christ.

Satan is real, and Jesus is real and they are at war.

Spoiler alert: Jesus wins.

The ABC's of Exposing Satanic Symbolism Play

These short videos will give a concise explanation of the basic symbols that Satan and his fallen angels use throughout society, right in front of our faces.
Real world examples of the spiritual world manifesting in the physical realm. Only two spirits operate through humanity, willingly or not, the Holy Spirit of God, or the spirit of antichrist from Satan and his fallen ones.
All of the material that this ministry has put together on Barack Obama being the Biblical Son of Perdition.
A set of videos that discuss the parable of the wheat and tares, and how their visibility and open mockery of God these past years is an indication of how near we are to the Harvest. Or, the End of the Age.
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