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The Ground Above

Glitch Hop || The Ground Above: Just Chilling (The Glitch Experiment Album) 110 BPM, Bass Music

522 views 2 weeks ago
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This robot is only programmed for one thing -- to chill. On your couch. Drinking all your Kool-Aid. Don't ask it to do your homework. He only responds with one thing - "Bro, bro, bro, brah. I'm just chilling I'm just just chilling."
Yeah well, maybe it should consider getting a job. You can't support his habits much longer. He's becoming kind of a jerk.

This track was the first time I used the Vocoder I got in the Komplete package I've mentioned earlier. This is how I created the "robot-like" vocals in this song. Originally, there was a bunch of lyrics, but I realized they didn't really fit, and grabbing only this one vocal line and crafting it into the song worked much better.

▼ Some random stuff you should know about the music I make

I want to spread fun, happiness, and just plain awesomeness through music. If you think this is a good goal, then please join me by subscribing! We're a community of happy people who love awesome music, and we'd all love to have you here. :D

I am not signed. That means that I spend my own money (a lot of it) and time in order to get in front of your ears. In fact, every penny I earn and every minute of free time I have I am doing this. I do it all for the love and amazing support from people like you.

You rock my socks!

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You can use this song in anything you wish. All you need to do is give credit to The Ground Above and give a link back to http://youtube.com/TheGroun..., http://facebook.com/TheGrou... and http://soundcloud.com/TheGr... :)

You may NOT just repost the song though. You may also not say I endorse you in any way. You also can not use the song commercially unless you contact me first. (I'll probably let you if you just send me a message though.)

Just let me know via a message if you put this in something so I can give you a thumbs up. :)

I also accept all relevant video responses.

Thanks so much for listening. I love you in a totally non creepy way!

This song is a glitch hop track featuring a deep vocal, chordal drops and interesting rhythms. I hope you enjoy it! :D Show less
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