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Fenway Health

A Place Where the Health of the LGBT Community Matters

1,100 views 2 years ago
"I think Fenway Health matters because it's a beacon in a really tough world. This is a place where we matter."

"Fenway Health to me is security, and knowing that my totality will be not just tolerated—or not just respected—but will be affirmed."

Patients and staff share their stories about the work Fenway Health does in the LGBT community locally and abroad—and the impact that makes on people's lives. From ground-breaking HIV/AIDS research to culturally competent transgender health services, Fenway matters to those it serves and is a place where those people can know they matter, too. Show less
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It Gets Better Play

The It Gets Better campaign reaches out to LGBT Youth with a message of hope for the future. Fenway Health staff and supporters want to tell LGBT young people that they, too, can leave happy, healthy, and whole lives!
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