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Aimee Symington

Business Etiquette by Finesse Worldwide. Who We Are & What We Do

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Business etiquette video series by etiquette expert Aimee Symington, CEO of http://www.finesseworldwide....

Business etiquette communicates a lot about you and your company. Whether in business or social situations, proper etiquette conveys a higher status within a company or organization. Saying and doing the right thing at the appropriate time in meetings with clients and customers can make a extraordinary difference in helping you and your company. Aimee Symington teaches you how to get people to like, trust and do business with you.

• 80% of your success is based on how you convey yourself and your social skills.

Aimee Symington gives you the steps to:

• Present yourself better.
• Gain new customers.
• Get that job.
• Get promoted.

Aimee's Bio:

• Aimee has appeared on NBC's The Today Show as an Etiquette Expert, and she regularly shares her etiquette advice on TV, radio, and in newspapers and national magazines such as Woman's Day.

• Aimee is also the creator of the award-winning, nationally acclaimed products on manners for children called "Blunders®" and "Manner Mats®" which are now being sold internationally by Patch Products at http://www.patchproducts.co...

• Over 20 years' experience in corporate etiquette training

• Highly satisfied clients across all industries within the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia

• Tailored programs to meet your specific needs

• Individualized attention

Aimee Symington worked in the corporate sector for over fifteen years prior to founding her etiquette companies, Successful Kids, Inc. and Finesse Worldwide, Inc..
Aimee was an Organizational Development Consultant working with Fortune 100 companies, a Training Manager for an international shipping company, a Human Resources Director for a dot com company, and a Senior Vice President at a financial institution where she was the project manager of a culture change initiative affecting over 100,000 associates.

Throughout her experience, Aimee has delivered etiquette advice to thousands of people in law and consulting firms, colleges and educational institutions, and to those in the healthcare, manufacturing, accounting, banking, automotive and financial industries. With her corporate background, Aimee understands the business needs of the individual and the corporation and how etiquette training can increase profits and employee satisfaction.

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Business Etiquette Video Series Play

Aimee Symington shows you how to be comfortable and confident in all business occasions.

There is never a bad time to be looked upon as a leader. Whether it's getting a formal introduction done perfectly or knowing what fork to use at a formal dinner, you will be prepared, at ease and ready to distinguish yourself no matter what situation may arise.

Manners And Etiquette For Children Video Series Play

Teach your children to have polite manners and etiquette at home in 5 easy steps. Aimee Symington has been seen on The Today Show sharing her advice on manners and she is the creator of the award-winning manner's products, Blunders and Manner Mats. Both products teach manners, social skills, table manners, telephone etiquette, how to show respct and kindness, and much more. These products can be purchased at local toy stores and at www.finesseworldwide.com

Manners and Etiquette For Social Occasions Video Series Play

Manners and etiquette video series by etiquette expert Aimee Symington, CEO of http://www.finesseworldwide.com.

Aimee Symington teaches you how to improve your manners and etiquette for greater personal and professional success. More etiquette information and videos at http://www.finesseworldwide.com.
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