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Dutch Vega "Jetpacks (HSR)" Prod. Michael Irish

351 views 6 months ago
New Music From Dutch Vega "Jetpacks (HSR)" Produced By Michael Irish


Its High Society
Its High Society
H.... S..... R.....
High Society
We Only Fuck Wit Familia
Real Recognize Real
And Y'all Look Real Unfamiliar
Yeah That's The Motto
But That Should Be The Signature
Kinda Like The Wild West
Had To Have Them Dillinger's
Giving You The Sour Face
Like You Swallowed Vinegar
Quick To Decommission Ya
Baraka How We Finish Em
We Bigger Than Them Niggaz
Plus We The Distributors
And To Think We Started This As EXTRA Curricular!
Pictures Worth A 1000 Words?!
Call My Bars Portraits
Fuck Giving Me Space
Imma Need Some Orbit
Fuck Catching Fire
I Be Straight Scorching
Right This Way
To Your Coffin I'm Escorting!
This Is Ya Resting Place
Now Your Kids Are Orphans
Fuck Your Blood & The Veins
Thru Which They Are Coursing
What Competition?!?!
This Isn't Even Sporting
I Call Them Niggaz T-Dog!
They Dead Men Walking
Dead Man Walking?!?!
He's The Walking Dead!!
What's The Difference?!?!
Pffft .... Coffins Cost Bread!
So I Pay Them No Mind
Cuz That's Free Instead
I Suppose You Can Say
That I Knocked Em Dead!!
Yeahhhh!!! That's The HSR Motto
Blow Em Away Like Pablo
Bitter Pill To Swallow
A Tough Act To Follow
You Get Swept Out The Apollo
For Russian/Rushing Ivan Drago
I Will Cuss D'Amato
Yeahhh!! Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Need A Dollar For The Lotto
Do The Carlton Like Alfonso
Like: "Bravo!!!! Applaudo's!!!"
They Love This Muchacho
They Don't Like Your Garbo
So I Hand Em Cocotasso's!
Huh!! Homey Who U Kidding?!?!
All These Motherfuckers
They Are Still Living!
So If You REALLY!!!!
"THINK"!!!! That You're Killing
I Regret To Inform You
That They Are All Chilling!
They Was Barely Wounded
Far From Being Victims
But YOU Said That YOU
Quote Unquote "Killed Em"
Huh! That's Funny Cuz
When I Say I'm Killin Em
The Funeral Home
Actually Starts Billin' Em!
High Society!!! HSR!!
We A Collective, We A Crew,
We're An Entourage!
We Give You The Truth
& They Give You A Mirage
These Rappers Are A Trip!
I Bid Them Bon Voyage!
Man, I'll Jack A Rappers Beat
AND Make Him Record It!
And All The While
Homeys Gonna Be Applauding
Dusk Must Be Finished
How All These Thoughts Dawning
If I Wasn't Busy Killing
I'd ah Left A Portion
Huh!! I'd ah Left A Portion?!?!
Fuck Big Bitch
I Think Enormous!
No Need For Abortions
I'll Change Your Fortune
& That's What I Call
A REAL "Dutch Auction"!
My Ego Thru The Roof So I Get That
My Music Should Reflect That!
Never Had A Setback! Bet That!
I'm A Winner Who Projects That
You Bite My Style You Get Taxed!
Kinda Like When I Buy My Jetwax!
Huh! I'm Fly ......So I Get That!
High Society!!!!!!
I Think We Need Some Jetpacks!
Huh! I Think We Made The Net Crash!
Huh! I Think That You Should Check That!
Ego Thru The Roof!
Music?!?! Reflects That
This Is Why...
We. Are. In. First. Class!
You See.... This Is....
What. We. Are. Best. At!
High Society..
& I BET They Respect That! Show less
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