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Top 10 Best News Sources

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Ranking the top ten news organizations in the english-speaking world. Factors include influence, popularity, original reporting and consistent quality.
10. Los Angeles Times
9. Washington Post
8. NPR
7. CNN
6. BBC News
5. CBS News
4. AP
3. The Guardian
2. Reuters
1. The New York Times
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These are the 10 best original news sources in the world right now. I weighed them by influence, popularity, original reporting and consistent quality.
Tenth on the list is the Los Angeles Times
The Times provides the best coverage of California, the most influential state in the world, and is among the 25 most popular news websites.
Number nine is the Washington Post, the most influential newspaper in the most important city, and is the 15th most-read news site on the Internet.
National Public Radio comes in eighth.
Not only does NPR dominate the news-radio space, but it has several programs that are among the best sources of information and entertainment in all of media.
Coming in at 7 is CNN
The number one-ranked original news website in the world isn't ranked higher because they tend to sensationalize and focus too heavily on entertainment. But, its reach is huge and it's first a lot, and in the news game, that goes a long way.
BBC News
While its influence may not be what it used to, the BBC is still a vitally important news source in all categories all over the english-speaking world. Naturally, their video work is top notch.
CBS News
Number five is CBS News. It's solid evening news program hosted by Scott Pelley in the TV-obsessed United States is the best on the air. CBS also features the influential and consistently-must-watch 60 Minutes, which churns out quality, longer-form segments to millions of viewers every Sunday night.
The Associated Press
The AP - fourth on this list - is the journalism world's go-to wire service. It's the definition of nuts and bolts news reporting, with 280 bureaus worldwide.
The Guardian places in the top three and is a major player in all aspects of news - in print and video - from world affairs to science to technology, and everything in between. The Guardian provides consistently vital investigative journalism with a center-left worldview and its coverage of climate change - the world's most important issue - is second to none.
The runner-up on this list is Reuters, which dispatches thousands of reporters all over the globe so it's able to cover virtually every major story on the planet by quickly getting to parts of the world that few other reporters are able - or willing - to go.
The NY Times is simply the best, most influential news organization on Earth. Their solid reporting sets the bar for journalists everywhere, a fact proven by their status as the second-most cited news organization on the Internet.
If you disagree with my rankings, offer your edits in a comment below. On our website, TDCvideo.com, you can catch up on the best videos from these organizations, and many others, each day.

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