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This Is TheChronicGamer - Hey Buds, I Just Want To Be Loved! (A video for the unsubscribed)

301 views 1 year ago
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- Welcome to TheChronicGamer's video game mecca. I primarily focus on Let's Plays and general video game news. I have been an avid gamer since I was 6 years old (currently 29). My first system was an NES and my first game was Major League Baseball. I currently work in the gaming industry and enjoy my job very much. As I kid I always I always wanted to be apart of the gaming industry, and never would of that I would be contributing to it, as I do today. I started Youtube as a way to put my knowledge out there to people that wanna listen. I figured I could do as well as, if not better than some of the big Youtubers out there. I had a big dreams when I first started lol. I just posted this video for the people out there who aren't subscribed to my glorious channel, and want to learn a bit about me and what I do on here! Please enjoy and remember to follow me on Twitter, like, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE! Thank you! Show less
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