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BATTLE! PBR - DS Battle 4: (Vs. AlexanderEVTrainer) Part 1

42 views 7 months ago
Ladies and Gentlemen (or those who watch my videos by some sweet miracle), I have actually uploaded another video! In the competitive heat of X and Y (which i worship beyond all bounds) i thought making another battle from generation 4 might be worth my time! I'm back with AlexanderEVTrainer to bring you another DS battle, featuring the 4th team I EV trained on Diamond! The nostalgia of 4th gen was rather pleasant (hard to think that 4th gen is a distant memory now). However guys I plan to have some X and Y videos up soon with battles, EV training advice, strategy planning and more! As stated many...many times before...I DO plan on starting Pokemon Talk again, this time with EV training content, shiny hunts, and the competitive meta game of XY, also we will discuss theories and the anime, so I won't just keep it at the game, however the games ill take priority.

Pokemon featured in this battle!
Me (thecastleoblivion):
Maasaki - Infernape
Asander - Swampart
Gurbalka - Slaking
Vector - Espeon
Bloomoria - Vileplume
Eltergare - Magnezone

Apogee - Umbreon
U~Izado - Alakazam
Nightengal - Swellow
Samondara - Salamence
Gaigus - Rhyperior
Articuno - (No Nickname)

Enjoy the battle guys, feel the 4th gen nostalgia, and like subscribe, all that youtube crap! Show less
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