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  • Another Hawk Hatches

    Chula Vista Nature Center has partnered with authorities to incubate and hatch seveal eggs that were removed from utility lines.
  • Barn Owl Flight

    Barn owls, like most owls, have special feathers that enable them to fly silently.
  • Two-spotted octopus moving rocks

    Octopus moves rocks
  • What the video doesnt show is that the eels have hidy holes. We are careful to manage the molt process.

    Lobster Molting 1-24-08.MOV

    A Spiny Lobster molting at the Chula Vista Nature Center
  • Hawk Hatching.wmv

    Several weeks ago the Chula Vista Nature Center took some Red-tailed hawk eggs that had to be removed from a nest - for safety concerns. We incubated the eggs and reared two chicks until today. T...
  • American Kestrel Release.avi

    This is a release of an American Kestrel, the smallest falcon in North America. The bird injured itself when he ran into a glass window. After a few days of care at teh Chula Vista Nature Center ...
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