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Christophil Louis

Christophil Louis - An Afterthought

144 views 1 year ago
Had this song written for a while, thought I should record it and post it up. Thanks to Wonderbreed and Supreme Breed for makin amazing beats as always! Check out their stuff at:

And as I look into your eyes promise me,
You won't give me that gaze of demise honestly...
Seen too many of those ties try to tie that rope around my throat.
Can't swim plus aint fat enough to float.
Is it weird to think of this while on a boat?
Not to promote the idea, but my life is Titanic,
Romantic, pressure on me is gigantic
Now matter how I plan it, on this planet, granted....
I don't do somethin soon, I might for see my own doom!
My boom boom itches, hope no one was in the room when I said that...
Smell a hint of perfume or was it poisonous fumes?
'twas only June before I spring into summers arms like July.
'twas only a mosquito before I swatted that fly,
What a life like circle thT flies so harmoniously tween you and I.
So when I die, insects commence hunger as tears scream roars of thunder.
Wonder ponder, upon the,
Entity of another eaten by death awakin from his hibernatin slumber.
Cold phrase aughtta taze one out of a daze!
I'm just a worker on minimum wagin on if he should finish the final page.
An afterthought...... Bursted out of its cage.....
Wise words from a..... Young sage...

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