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"Chocolate and Vodka" (music video) - Bellabeth

2,675 views 5 months ago
I was totally not drunk while filming this...
I jokingly said that only chocolate and/or vodka could lighten my mood a few weeks ago... then I realised that "chocolate and vodka" sounds really cool... and I wanted to make it a title of a song... and so I did.

And yes I know the vid isnt perfect but gawd it took more than 3 hours to export and I only noticed afterwards and after failing to finish it twice yesterday already so pfffff .____.

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restless sleep
neurological starvation holds me back
everything around me turned from gray to black
nothing that you do can make me laugh
nothing helps
nothing helps but

all these bags of chocolate and vodka
I stash them in the trees in the orchard
I hold them dearly Smirnoff and Suchard
don't take away my chocolate and vodka

muscles weak
moving hurts and I just want to fall asleep
though i am afraid ill never wake again
fear my friend cuz i have just now seen the end
I have one last plan to get to

oooh it's not the best thing to do
wont help me in any way
I do know better than this but this time

let me be wrong

I hold them dearly Smirnoff and Suchard
don't take away my chocolate and vodka Show less
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I know it is hard for content makers on youtube to use music in their videos because of all the copyright issues that are associated with that. So I thought, I'd create simple songs that work as background music. Until now I allow them to be used for FREE (without having to buy the tracks first) under the following conditions:

If you want to use any of the "Free-to-use-music" songs, you have to put a link to my channel and the link to the original song in the description of every video you used it in, like this:
Music by Bellabeth
Song: "Insert Song Name Here"

This way you get music for free and I get my music heard - it's a win-win deal!

- You must NOT sell my songs!
- You must NOT adapt my songs in order to make a new song WITHOUT my permission!
- You can ONLY use the songs from this playlist: http://tinyurl.com/6lslqgg

You CAN use the songs for both commercial or non-commercial youtube videos as long as you credit me as described above!

You can DOWNLOAD the songs for free on my Facebook page under the tab "Free Mp3s"
I wouldn't mind if you 'liked' the page ;)

If you are unsure if I would agree with the way you want to use my music or if you want to use it outside of YouTube or if you are in need of a written permission, email me at thebellabeth@gmail.com!
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