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Airwolf Theme Music - Whiteboard Ad - Score by Kevin F. Montague

869 views 5 months ago

You can purchase this unique and fun to listen to arrangement of the 1984 Airwolf Theme Music on CDbaby at the above CDbaby URL location:

This is only a 30 second SAMPLE of the musical arrangement. You can purchase the entire finished work on CDbaby or their Partner sites.

Yours in Music:
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Bluefire Music Enterprises Play

This is a growing list of old and new recordings in my pursuits of my greatest love, that being music. I had a late start in my training having gotten started in college with my studies after recieving a California State scholarship to Loyola University after graduating from high school. I had asked my mother for piano lessons at age 5, but she was an abusive mother who beat me all the time, who created a dysfunctional family which eventually ended in divorce. If I had gotten the lessons, I would have been declared a prodigy given the speed at which I always learn.

Over the decades I recorded many of my works and arrangements which wound up in mothballs for decades due to poor health after eating contaminated sausage back in 194 as I fought to save my life after my doctors told me to go home and die after three years of working with them. When it looked like there waas no hope, a young Naturopath entered my life and started me down the pathway of the alternatives to help me clear my body and redefine it. The whole thing had even developed into cancer along the way which I managed to put into remission, but not after much damaged had happened to my dying body. I still suffer from trauma done to my body, but have been trying to catch up with the lost years.

This will be a growing list of offerings you can buy at my artist page on CDbaby or any of their partner websites. Just go to https://origin.cdbaby.com/Artist/KevinFMontague.

KFFMenterprises - Original Products Play

Before my health failed back in 1994 after eating bad sausage I bought from my local Von's Supermarket store, I and my late cousin were building a successful business under the Opal Star Industries banner name. I still have available product in great condition available for those who wish to purchase copies from me. This playlist gives videos connected to that limited product line for your enjoyment and buying decision power. Enjoy!
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