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ThatAsianWhoRushes | Memories | Final Call of Duty Montage

472 views 1 year ago

What's going on guys! ThatAsianWhoRushes here, I bring you my last CoD montage; it's been a great experience, but life has got a hold of me right now (I'm really busy), and CoD isn't as fun as it used to be to me anymore. So here it is... my final Call of Duty montage, it's compilation of old and new clips all edited together by me. I hope you guys enjoy it and just know that I'll continue making videos! :D This montage is a form of my self expression to the world. So, sit back and remember the good times. Thanks for reading and peace out guys.


PS: Leave a comment about what you think about my montage and a nostalgic call of duty memory. :)

PSS: Shoutout to my bros, you know who you are! I'm grateful, honestly I am. Thanks for being there for me and thanks you guys for the support! Show less
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