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Paul/Echo | Bloodsport [dedication]

399 views 2 weeks ago
[WATCH IN HD PLEASE.it looks so much better]
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tharenia

I was watching videos yesterday and i saw a video with this song and the inspiration to vid them came out of nowhere.it just hit me. But i guess Sony Vegas didn't agree with me that's why it wanted six hours to render the video. I literally went to sleep and i let it render just because the coloring looked so awesome and i didn't wanted to ruin it by rendering separately the video without the coloring and then make a new project to put it..
I've wanted to vid this couple since i watched the first episode of this show.There are not many videos about them( and i don't understand why..seriously??WHY?) so here i am with my video.It's small and nothing special but nevermind.
YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND MY LOVE FOR THEM...I JUST CAN'T DESCRIBE IT. THEY ARE FREAKING OTP!!!! But my incredible friend Elena do understand my love for them because we went through this phase together...and that's why i am dedicating this video to her :)
Elena is my crying buddy,we cry over the perfection of fandoms together!

Check out her youtube channel AND SUBSCRIBE:

I hope you like the video.Enjoy.

•Song: Bloodsport
•Artist: Raleigh Ritchie
•Fandom: Dollhouse
•Software:Sony Vegas Pro 10.0
•Coloring: xProdzzVideos
•Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/wat... Show less
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