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TENNIS HOW TO SERVE | "Elbow The Enemy" Tennis Serve Drill

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Today I want to help you with your serve. Specifically, how you can get your elbow into the correct trophy position .

You might not know where your elbow is suppose to be in relation to your body, and there is a very good chance your elbow is in the wrong place in the trophy position.

Your elbow might be too high or too low and stays in line with the body instead of it clearing the body. The bottom line is that you probably have never been told or shown how to get the elbow in the right place in the trophy position.

A great concept to focus on to improve this all important position is to try to "Elbow The Enemy" on your serve.

You want to feel like you are pushing your elbow back, pretending to "elbow the enemy" behind you as you make your shoulder turn and get into the trophy position.

This will help you bend the arm at the right time and get it into a more natural throwing or serving position which will improve your technique and give you more effortless power. You want your arm to swing more freely on your tennis serve and this drill will really help.

Next time you are out on the court, try "Elbowing Your Enemy" on your tennis serve.

Check out more FREE TENNIS SERVE TIPS at : http://goo.gl/C5O8uv Show less
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The tennis serve is one of the hardest shots to learn in tennis.

The tennis serve is also one of the shots that you can completely control.

I like to break the tennis serve down into parts. One of the most important parts of the serve is the trophy position.

I like to imitate Roger Federer and Pete Sampras with the trophy position on the tennis serve.

Creating an amazing tennis serve is all about learn the correct techniques.

Check out my tennis serve videos ranging from Nadal to Djokovic and how a professional women's tennis player transformed her tennis serve without even hitting one ball.
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