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Radioactive [You Pick, I Vid]

149 views 3 weeks ago
I'm finished everyone!! :D It took me basically two months, but I did it!! :D I'm very proud of how this came out and I put a lot of work into it. I think this looks pretty cool and I hope all you subscribers will enjoy it. :)

Part 1 For: darkfantasy21x with Dante[DMC5]
Part 2 For: AscendantRulerOfIce with Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy
Part 3 For: OriginalKingJulian94 with Tekken, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Lightning Returns
Part 4 For: MariaLuiza2147 with Jin Kazama[Tekken Games]
Part 5 For: otakutwins1 with DMC5
Part 6 For: XxChiyo2x with SoulCalibur V and Final Fantasy Advent Children
Part 7 For: Monika Horváthová with Final Fantasy XIII-2
Part 8 For: Codezmaster0800 with Infamous Second Son
Part 9 For: mariailovesonic with Final Fantasy 7
Part 10 For: sweetiepetitey with Robin and Serah[Young Justice Invasion/Final Fantasy XIII]
Part 11 For: Monika Horváthová with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Show less
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