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  • Wow! That is FIRE!!! I appreciate all that you do bruh bruh! And I am in agreement with you about the TV show man! We need it! The whole world needs it! I was listening to It Was Written volume 1 by K-Nine, and I was imagining some cartoons with his songs for Sunday School classes teaching the scriptures! Then I imagined a hip-hop video show like Rap City back in the day with all Christian hip-hop. My bro-in-law Frank Cage at Rek City feels the same way! We need it!

    'THE BIBLE' @PWillie1

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    Willie Moore Jr. Takes a look into the bible searching out some truths. The God of the 2nd encounter.
  • That's what's up bruh bruh! Reacting in pride is a set up! I thank God for your realness and the way you show there is always a choice to follow God's word or His lead or the standard the world has, and that it ends better if you reject the world's way. Flat Out! (Hopefully not out of context, lol). Keep doin' it bruh!

    Mary Mary Drama!!! 2013 Stellar Awards @Pwillie1

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    Willie encounters some drama at the 2013 Stellar Awards. Take a look! #FLATOUT
  • I'm lovin' the Turn it off album. Fire In My Heart is a powerful song like this one!

    Datin - The Voice (@datin_tripled @rapzilla)

    Download Datin's free album 'Turn It Off Vol. 1' here: http://bit.ly/SVVvG1 || http://www.rapzilla.com
  • Man, I like the idea, but I wish you had put plenty of pics on like chaning every 5 to 7 seconds, with so many positive black images that people had to ask who some of them were. But I been messin' with Gemstones since his last mixtape. He is special, God-gifted with the lyrics. I hope he does something real big for his first cd.

    Why- Gemstones

    * I don't own the music ' nor the pictures *
  • So this is what we wanna do, brag about being high, celebrate it because what else do we have to celebrate. And then we make losing in life something that can be appreciated? Is that what a black mind is about? So Harriett Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medger Evers, Louis Farrakan, and so so so many others made sacrifices for, so our black minds can be contaminated with codeine, weed, and other drugs, and we can make a video about it. Sad day!

    Juicy J - Codeine Cups

    • by BLKDMNDS
    • 2 years ago
    Juicy J "Stay Trippy" in stores Aug. 27th
    Download Juicy J "Yet": http://goo.gl/IQ6GHo

    Music Video by Juicy J performing Codeine Cups.

    Directed By: Daniel Czernilofsky

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  • Yep, the video is hot, and the topic is about money...an that is the problem! Our kids are willing to chase money, to do whatever it takes to have money, to look down on those without money, in turn making them want money. And then we give them a visual aid to make them more and more shallow, more self-centered, and then we wonder why they are the way they are. Do we push education like this? Do we push loving a wife or husband like this? Like Thisl said 'We Blind"! (Search that video)!

    Paloma Ford - Dollars

    Music Video by Paloma Ford performing Dollars.

    Directed by: Daniel Czernilofsky

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  • That is real talk! I'm starting next week!

    Happy New Yuurs! 3 STEPS TO WIN ON PURPOSE IN 2013!!! @PWILLIE1

    Willie breaks down 3 steps to help you succeed in 2013.

    For booking go to williemoorejr.org
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  • Noticed what? PAD3 got a new one? I liked his last one! And my brother-in-law did work on the cover (F. Cage). I like the review, but that joint All We Know Is Winnin' is my anthem as a basketball coach. That is what we gon come out to! But I gotta wait until we win some more...we're 1-4 right now in my first year trying to build this Bearcat program. So keep us in prayer so we can literally know winnin' like that! Lol

    Thi'sl Free From the Trap Review

    My thoughts on Full Ride Music Group "Free From the Trap" 2012 relase. You purchase on
    his website: iamthisl.com through Merchline.
  • I had a similar experience when I stopped drinking! i am so happy for Brian and his daughter. This is the thing people don't realize...God loves us all more than we can ever imagine. Our mind is limited to His love, His true love, and He will help us when we are in need if we are willing to submit ourselves to Him.

    Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

    Former guitarist and co-founder of heavy rock group Korn, Brian Welch talks about the amazing turn his life took when he accepted God for who He is. Saved from drugs and addiction, Welch tells his ...
  • Rock music talks about sex, drugs, and violence too, but we don't say this when it comes to Christian Rock. Rap didn't start off talking about sex, drugs, and violence so don't try to associate the origin with the use people have for it today. People have taken the Bible and mis-used it for their own gain, whether that be in dominating others, in keeping women bound, or for monetary increase. Are you going to stop listening to God's word because people mis-used it? I would hope not bro. Shalom!

    Rapper Lecrae Shares His Testimony of Jesus Christ

    Rapper Lecrae shares his testimony about being raised in the streets and finding Christ.
  • Gotta be RADICAL!!! Good job fellas!

  • Uh, Oh oh...It's gettin' way real out here! I can't wait to hear the album! Love the way Swoope brings it, and the boy Alex Faith will surprise you if you don't know about him. I agree, Christon Gray made a smooth transition from singing to spittin' bars, and I have always loved Dre murray's smooth delivery. I praise God for that one!

    WLAK - Cypher "Imagine"

    Get the single on iTunes on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/w.l.a.k.-cyphr-imagine-...

    Collision Records presents the first single from the upcoming We Live As Kings Album - WLAK ...
  • No such thing...the way people learn to shoot can be wrong, but it is harder to change it once they are in high school, so then you have to have them perfect the form they have to get the same results as someone who was taught right. Jamal Wilkes was an All-Star in the NBA with a non-traditional shot form. Shawn Marion is the same way. She gets results so you can't deny her shot is effective. My team better not leave her open, I know that!

    Amanda Bartlett

    Amanda Bartlett working out with Coach Tim. A brief view of what she did for a summer to take her game to a "New Level". One of the Top Pg's in College Basketball. Shooting Drills and Dribbling Drills
  • I like the fact that you showed her evolution as a player. She continues to work hard throughout, and even more importantly, she still enjoys the game! She is good and getting better. She is unselfish, she plays hard on both ends, and she is skilled enough for her teammates to recognize that she makes good things happen for the whole team. That is the kind of player people want to play with! May God continue to bless her to play at a high level!

    The Evolution Of Lexi Marin

    basketball Alexis Marin with crazy dribbling handles crossover
  • Man, keep doing it bro! More and more people lookin' for reasons not to believe in God not realizing that we don't believe in the one they describe either. Once they see that is not who God is, then they get a whole different perspective. The thought-provoking stuff you do is helping a lot bro! I thank God for you and pray for your continued strength in the Lord for future efforts. And I can't wait for the TV show to be a reality! Let's go!!!

    Really!!! I Don't Believe In God??? @PWillie1 @RickeySmiley

    Willie encounters a person who try to front him out a television premiere. So Willie told him he didn't believe in God. Watch

  • We're hoping to see a 2012-2013 season too! It's needed around here to give people something else positive to do and give young basketball players another time to view some high-level players play the game.

    Lima Explosion Highlight Reel

    Lima Explosion Highlight Reel up to date as of 2-6-2012
  • Shout out to both of these brothas, Traivs "Big mac" Monford, and my lil bro, Quincey "Coach Q" Simpson!!! Y'all doin' it for the Bean! We never had the media coverage before Trav and Markey started putting us out there (shout it to Markey doin' the pub and cutting hair at the same time!). We never had the All-Star games before Radar started the Back 2 School Jams, and now Q took it to another level and our whole community should´╗┐ be thankful! Much love!

    "The Markey Chukes Show" Round 2 Street Ball Tour Sat.Sept. 1st @ Lima Sr. Gym

    • by chizl2
    • 1 year ago
    travis and coach q talk panther little league football and round 2 of the "round 2 street ball tour basketball game @ lima sr. gym sat.sept. 1st @ lima sr.gym.
  • He didn't say he was against gays. He said he is against gay marriage, changing the definition of marriage. We have not become a better country by using our freedoms (to do what we want) to change things that God has said to protect and benefit us. Now the family unit is fragile, so we think we don't need marriage; let's have baby mommas and baby daddies. Next, we don't even have to be the opposite sex to be married. Let's do whatever we want! Imagine your own children doing whatever they want!

    Chick-fil-A Chief 'Guilty as Charged' on Gay Marriage Stance

    COO Dan Cathy says his company supports the biblical family unit.
    • CC
  • Man, I started loving Chick-Fil-A when I kept going to malls on a Sunday and they would be closed even though I wanted those tenders with the polynesian sauce! When I heard they were always closed on Sunday to respect the Sabbath, I was a supporter. And now the CEO takes a stand against what our culture is trying to change...what a marriage is (God already established it, so they need to leave it alone). They want to say it's love. Marriage is more than just love between 2 people! Flat Out!

    Really!!! Christian says "CHICK FIL A IS FULL OF S@#*!S!"

    Willie Moore Jr. is caught in the crowd of Chic Fil A supports. He give s his thoughts on the ordeal. Call 404-521-8044 and leave a message to book or go to WilieMooreJr.ORG
  • Whoa sis...I agree with everything you said, but it's wrong...lol. Don't frown yet, hear me out. It's wrong becaue you said "Christian man", and that is why I agree with you, but he didn't say "Christian man", he just said "man", and you and I both know that all Christian women aren't lookin' for Christian men and vice versa (though we should be). And the title Christian man or woman doesn't mean that a person always reflects that in their relationship (sometimes they're just Public Christians).

    Relationships 101: Ladies...How To Tell If He's Interested? @PWillie1

    Willie Speaks to ladies on how to tell if a guy is really interested in being with them. It's better to be prepared for a opportunity than to not be prepared.

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  • Lol! man I am so glad I am filled with the Holy Spirit now! But the first time I went up to the pulpit seeking, and this preacher puched me down and the two "ushers" behind me pulled me down, I was so mad I almost got up and went off! But God knew even then that the gift was not for me at that time, and He calmed me. About 3 years later the Holy Spirit knocked me down and I lost my equilibrium and couldn't get up when I tried. It was crazy! Big difference! Don't force it, let God do it!


    Willie Moore Jr. Is asked by a new convert about fakeness in the church? Wille addresses the issue.

  • This is real nice! It gives some insight to so much! And Jetsoncam, you are ABSOLUTELY right! We don't need to argue or fight. Debating is fine, as long as it is just voicing your opinion and not trying to convict someone else for theirs. We can sharpen and enlighten each other without forcing them to agree with us. Who is the best example of a winner that you know? Your answer will not be mine. Overall, Jesus. In sports, Bill Russell. In hip-hop, Lecrae. On and on. It's ok to disagree w/ me.

    @AndyMineo: "Saturday Morning Car-Tunez" Episode 1 #SMCT

    Week 1 of "Saturday Morning Car-Tunez!" Every Saturday Morning in May Andy Mineo will release a new song & webisode at AndyMineo.com! Each week he collaborates with a different producer to remix so...
  • Gotta be one of my favorite songs; it is the lyrical statement of my life! Thanks to God for y'all brothas, and thanks to y'all for your obedience in putting out the music y'all put out!

    Gideonz Army (@GAmusic3) ~ The Perfect Fall "OFFICIAL VIDEO" [[Music Video]]

    Buy "MAINSTREAM" and the new Joint T Haddy & Gideonz Army "The Truth Unveiled Albums Today!!!
    iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mainstream/id521142762
    Amazon MP3: http://www.amazon.com/Main...
  • Congratulations Dan! I praise God with you for the beginning of your future! Keep fighting and keep trusting God bro!

    Trip Lee - Fallin Ft. J. Paul OFFICIAL VIDEO (@triplee116 @reachrecords)

    Check out the new video "Fallin" Off Trip Lee's 4th studio album The Good Life. The video was produced by James Diaz, co - produced by Jesus Diaz and directed by Francis De La Torre (www.8BitFilms....
  • Nice! No one imperfect can rate ya! Lol! That really goes for all of us as well...we are an imperfect people tryin to always act like we are better than someone else, and we are, but only in some areas. Every one of us is better than everyone else at something, but not many are better than Canon when he turns that speed up and still says what he says clearly! Gensis before the Sega...real!

  • Voted...I hope you get with TP bro. Experiences and opportunities like that come few and far between for most people, so I know you are going to enjoy it and be thankful and humble, and still use it to do what you do...give God glory through that King-Dom Mu-Zik. I was in the Loo last weekend for my sister's graduation from college (she's stationed at Scott AB). I was thinking, "no wonder mugs in St. Louis be trippin, they gotta stare up at that arch everyday!" Lol.

    Willie Moore Jr. & MOM Speak!...VOTE @PWillie1

    Go to WillieMooreJr.Org and Vote for Willie Moore Jr. to be in the next Tyler Perry Production.

  • Me and my wife could be in prison, and my momma and her parents woulda been UNDER the jail if whoopin' butts was a crime! Glad we didn't have spoiled kids in polotical office, though they may have saved us some pain and suffering (albeit temporary). But Femiluv is right, there's a BIG difference between abuse and discipline! I know folk who got abused, and now they doin the same thing or they doin the opposite (sparing the rod). We all need correction at times! I hope Creflo didn't abuse her!

    Really!!! Dude Goes in on Mega Church Pastor...??? @PWillie1

    Willie Gives his take on the arrest of Creflo Dollar.
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  • Go Hard GOTTA BE on the list! But there is another song as well. If you are trying to reach kids who grew up under a single mother, "Just Like You" is essential. If you are trying to reach Christians who are satisfied at their level of faith, "More" has to be on their. Just because Dum Dum is Tedashii's, it shouldn't be on the list. If you can use anything Lecrae is on, then Trip Lee's "Cash or Christ" has to be on the list. The great thing is we have an artist with so many options! Praise GOD!

    Lecrae Nine Most Essential Songs XXL Magazine: A Response

    My response to Lecrae's opinion on his 9 most essential songs. And the song that should have been on the list,http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2012/06/lecrae-breaks-down-his-nine-most-essential-songs/
  • Man, man, man! That is what I said to myself, when I was talkin to myself! Lol! I was like, "No, Mr. president, don't fall for that!" He didn't have to do that because the Republicans sure weren't gonna do it. Now he gave them some ammo! But regardless, we are electing a politician, not a priest. it is up to us to be the kings and priests and uphold God's standard for marriage, not whoever is in the White House, even though it would be nice if they did. Flat Out!

    Agree With The President??? GAY MARRIAGE @PWILLIE1

    I love everyone. #Flatout.

    For booking call 404-521-8044 or email bookwilliemoorejr@gmail.com

  • As usual...another PRICELESS one! And so real! Man, you helpin' some relationships make it with this stuff! Proud of you bro! Tell my homeboy from Lima, Londell Thomas, I said what's up (he go to your church bruh bruh)! Lol.

    Ladies...HOW TO KEEP YOUR MAN HAPPY!!!@PWillie1

    Ladies take notes, fellas don't make me a liar.
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  • In my interview voice... "Coach Q, now that you have won the 8th grade division of the King James tournament (biggest in the country), do you think you will get more people interested in the Coach Q Academy?" I think so! I expect your # to be blowing up now!

    Coach Q Skills Academy Training Sessions Preview 2

    This is the last preview before Coach Q starts kicking off the individual drill training sessions that will break down drills and what they will add to your abilities on the court.

    Team Lima (Ohio) Panthers

    This is a highlight video from the Team Lima (Ohio) Panthers 8th grade AAU basketball team championship game from a tournament in early April at the OSU campus in Lima, Ohio.
  • "If You married You Might Get Blessed, but if you single, go home right after that!" Lol! man, that is some great advice right there! And man, I thought you were gonna go with "Get No Better" at the end of that one! Yes, we gotta see our woman (wives in particular) as the solution to our problem instead of part of our problem! I appreciate this one like I do the rest of 'em homie! May God continue to bless you, everybody at Kingdom Music, and the vision you have on these Youtube videos!

    Fella's...3 Ways to Keep Your Woman Happy!!! @PWillie1

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