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[FaO] Only in Death a Competitve MW2 Fragmovie

638 views 2 years ago
"Only in Death" a Competitve MW2 Fragmovie

Player: [FaO] Sgt.Mkoll

This is my first competitve Fragmovie I made I hope u enjoy it like i did creating it.

Finally its there after my HD died with all my Clips :(

I tried to cut out the Voices as good as possible but sometimes it wasn´t able to do it so i muted the clip.

the special skins for my weapons are custom camos like those in MW1,
which were not allowed anymore in ESL (wrong information by an Admin), I got punished for it :*(

My Vegas keept killing itself so i had to do it with windows movie maker again :D
for small things like Logo, Intro and Outro I used after effects/Vegas and for music/sound editing i used Vegas :)

No kills are fake or setup.
All of them are made in Matches with competitve Environment in ESL League and Cups or PCW

(No Perks, no killstreaks, very restriced weaponary)

Recorded with Fraps

Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
Amon Amarth - Live for the Kill

if u dont like the music just turn it off ;-) Show less
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