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Talladega Tom

Atheist Public Service Announcement PSA

937 views 2 years ago
My parody of a popular 80's era 'war on drugs' ad that I adapted to religion.
Just say NO to Religion.


The original ad is linked below.

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Best of Christopher Hitchens Play

Can't get enough of Christopher Hitchens?
Then this playlist is for you.
Vids 1-5 are Christopher Hitchens at FreedomFest doing what he does best.
Then, Mr. Hitchens discusses his book "God Is Not Great" on The Hour. (9:36)
Next is a Texas Monthly Talk (27 min).
The playlist continues with an interview by Brian Lamb on Q & A (57 min).
The list continues with Authors@Google: Christopher Hitchens (1 hr 8 min).
After that is Christopher Hitchens on Qtv. Note, the volume is very low. You will need to max both your computer and the YouTube volume settings to hear.
This playlist continues with Christopher addressing the question "Why Does God Matter?".
There's more, but be sure to hit the last two. These are Hitchens opening remarks in the debate with Allister McGrath set to images done by 43ally.

Jacque Fresco on the Future of Mankind Play

Here is Jacque Fresco from Zeitgeist Addendum in two parts followed by Jacque on the problem of superstitious ignorance.
Then, I include a bunch of clips from Jacque on various different subjects.
I conclude with Jacque in a very early interview with Larry King.
Jacque's movie "Future by Design" is a must see.

It can be viewed in its entirety here.

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