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Warming Hearts -Talk It Up TV -Acts of Kindness

940 views 3 months ago
It's disturbing to watch celebrities being publicized for their bad actions. What's important to remind ourselves is that we are all forms of role models. Sometimes we forget about the small eyes that are watching us.

Host Anny Havland reaches out to a young fan who is inspired to help those in need. Anny and Madison hear of a family in Bellingham, Washington who have been without heat since December.

During these snowy months they set out to raise the money needed to repair their furnace and get the sweet little girls and their family warm again. Madison and Anny brave the streets of Seattle Washington to find the much needed help from some caring citizens to make it happen.

Unexpectedly the situation turns out to be just a bit more complicated than even Anny thought.

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Executive Producer: Anny Havland
Director: Rick Walters
Senior Editor: David Phillips

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