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Takenoko Plays a Demo Play

Are you feeling bored of your recent games?
Are you tired of the same game series over and over again?
Well, worry no more.
Once a week I will play a new demo of a game, mostly indie games so both you and I can have some fun.
Drop by from time to time and maybe you will find your game.
And remember, stay Noobster!

Let us roll!

Takenoko-Goes-Shanking. [Shank 2] Play

Takenoko goes 2D and plays as the masculine man, Shank. He will be chopping many limbs and obsticles in the near future.
Likes and Subscribes are very appreciated.
Stay gringo, stay noobster.

The Elder Korny-Pants: Oblivion Play

THE SHARK BOY, PUBERT has just been sent to the world of goblins, magicians and orcs to kick some goddamn ass.
Follow him on his journey and you will see something epic.
Pubert is back in town.
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