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Bitches In My Onesie (Official Music Video) - The Stalker Boyz

1,880 views 2 months ago
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Hopped out the shower time to get dressed
gotta wear something fly cause I wanna look my best
jumped in my onesie pulled my zipper up
lookin' hella sexy so it's time to tear it up
Rolled in the club moonwalking in my slippers
theres a cutie at the bar with a body like a stripper
Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear
I just wanted to let you know that I'm naked under here
This is a double XL so there's room for two
so girl tell em what you wanna do
Back at my place there's a PJ party
So put on your one piece so that we can get naughty
She was down so hit the floor
then it was back to my place to make my pee pee grow
In my onesie it's just that easy
girls wanna be with me and guys wanna be me

Bitches in they undies
rubbin on my onesie
That booty looking yummy and i'm feeling kinda hungry
I don't wear jeans and I don't own a suit
but girls like what I got on and think my onesies kinda cute
only 40 bucks that's affordable
it don't cost a lot of money tolook adorable
my onesie keeps me warm from my head to my toes
and it helps me run game when i'm talking to the hoes
I wear Mask with this shit, you can't see who I am
nanananannananana Batman
I wear my onesie when I'm on date
Or even when I'm in the gym pushing weight
I rock this shit during interviews and if i'm in the mood I fuck in it too!
I can't deny, these girls all diggin me
and I owe it all to my onesie

You wanna know why I chose the onesie path
sit on here baby girl let me run the math
see me plus you up in here equals fun
so subtract your clothes cause it's time to get her done
an old dude tried to school me on the right triangle
not too sure but to pitch a tent I got the right angle
My joint so tight you seeing ball-dick-ball
it's like a long division sign
baby answer your call
quick to the point we like to practice multiplying
I'm dressed like a hero so I'm sure to have you flying
sign and co sign you know i'm reppin like the seven
cause in mere minutes you'll be feeling like heaven
I'm greater than sum but only equal to a few
So if you wanna solve for X you know what to do
Start from the beginning and you will surely see
it's like 1, 2, 3, I'm getting bitches in my onesie



Chris James

Matt Kirby

Umar Shameem

Special Thanks to the Ladies



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