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Celebrating TLU Authors

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Schola celebrates faculty scholarship. Numerous faculty have published chapters or books recently and the campus community came together to celebrate their work.

Texas Lutheran University students experience a challenging academic environment that sets a path for life-long learning. Our students engage in high-impact educational experiences that include civic engagement, aesthetic expression, critical thinking, and a focus on intercultural and global knowledge in a community that welcomes the interplay of faith and reason.

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Krost Symposium Play

TLU's annual Krost Symposium brings together scholars, journalists, government officials, community leaders and others to discuss relevant and important issues of our time. Past symposium topics range from nuclear war to health care to the intersection of art and science to the theological concepts of suffering and salvation. The symposium is one element of the university's Krost Life Enrichment Program, established in 1977 to foster the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of TLU students and the broader community. The program's commitment to developing the whole person -- body, mind and spirit -- is a manifestation of, and central to, TLU's mission of preparing young women and men for lives of purpose through leadership and service to others.

One of the founding fathers of the Krost Life Enrichment Program and Krost Symposium was Dr. Frank Giesber, professor emeritus of economics, who served Texas Lutheran as academic dean when the idea of the Krost program and symposium became a reality. In recognition of Dr. Giesber's contributions to the establishment and on-going support of the Krost Program, the keynote presentation of each Krost Symposium is now titled the Frank Giesber Lecture.
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