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Kyle Carrozza

MooBeard the Cow Pirate

6,365 views 7 months ago
This is a short I made for Frederator/Nickelodeon's Random Cartoons back in 2005/6. I've been informed that the copy that somebody already had up on YouTube was missing, so I thought I'd upload it myself.

This was my first commercial film and I had barely worked in the industry at this point, and it was mainly in educational CD Roms and not TV, so I had little experience to speak of. I think I did ok considering that, but it's pretty hard for me to look at now! All I can see are things I want to fix!

MooBeard- Billy West
Sailor Bird- Erica Luttrell
Dark Blade of Fire- Dave (Gruber) Allen
Ungus the Unpleasant/Cow-Eating Gentlemen- Kyle A Carrozza

Music by Andy Paley

This short belongs to Nickelodeon, but the characters belong to me. Show less
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