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TGE 2012 Adventure Play

During 14 Days and over 20 locations, a Team made up of four young roving reporters embarked on a whistle stop tour of the UK to ask the Nation to nominate the people, places and products that make up the 'Greats' of Great Britain.

Check our blog and see if your region, city, community was part of our first ever tour.

If not let us know what you love as we may be visiting you soon: http://www.thegreatexhibition2012.co.uk/

Greats of Great Britain Play

Definitely some Greats of Great Britain. Are you Great?
Create & Vote for the things you Love about your community, city, region at http://www.thegreatexhibition2012.co.uk/

Share with us and Get connected:

Blog: http://www.thegreatexhibition2012.co.uk/the-great-exhibition­-2012-blog

Twitter: http://twitter.com/greatexhibition

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greatexhibition
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