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TEDx Maastricht 2013 Leader

2,039 views 10 months ago
This is the TEDx Maastricht Conference Leader, proudly presented by the TEDx team. The concept is chosen in response to a contest. This best entry came from Jan-Joost van Stiphout, who is filmmaker in Maastricht. The conclusion of the jury was: "A perfect in concept and execution with the ambition of the conference". The voice text:

Seven Billion people on this planet,
and one of them is you.
And just like all the others,
you will have to make the best of it.
Not an easy mission in this complex world.
Mankind needs ingenious ideas and brilliant actions.
We have to preserve our world to sustain our environment.
And we have to rethink how to restore the smart balance,
between resources and all the wishes in our heads.
We have to react and rebuild local solutions,
and share the energy in worldwide dreams.
Soon there will be 9 billion people on this planet.
What is your idea and contribution?
What will you do?

Concept & director: Jan-Joost van Stiphout
Graphics: Fabian de Lange
Music: Jeffrey van Rossum
Text: Jean-Paul Toonen
Sound design: Yorick Coster
More info: Jan-Joost van Stiphout
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BrainTrain TEDx Maastricht 2013 Play

This video is about 'It's about time for some optimism!' by Vincent Wiegel.
In cooperation with the Dutch Railways and SocialCoupé, TEDx Maastricht presents a unique initiative: the TEDx BrainTrain. The basic principle is to use the train as a platform for inspiring TEDx talks with travelers as an audience. Prior to the main event on September 4 at the Theater aan het Vrijthof, a TEDx Coupe was created in the Intercity between Amsterdam and Maastricht on Sunday 1st and Tuesday 3rd of September.

In response to the so-called 'Silent compartment' in the Dutch trains, TEDx Maastricht has arranged the 'Talking Compartment'. Goal: setting up a compartment where passengers meet and where conversations are held. The formula is simple and follows the general TEDx events; interesting speakers tell inspiring stories of up to 10 minutes. Between Maastricht and Amsterdam there is sufficient time for seven stories that inspire. Speakers voluntarily participate in this special project, but travel for free.

The idea of the BrainTrain came from Bart Knols, who explained its origin in a TEDx Talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFGNcm...

The BrainTrain is a unique cooperation for TEDx Maastricht, Social Coupé and the Dutch Railways. The initiative is a unique opportunity, while the professionalism of these partners guarantees the realization of a high-level travel experience. Moreover, travelers are increasingly open to new concepts such as the SocialCoupé.

For more information about this unique project check our website and follow TEDxMaastricht on twitter and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TEDxMaastricht
And for pictures of the event, go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxmaas...
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