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Auto Emergency Braking - Vehicle safety - TV ad

62,501 views 3 weeks ago
Auto Emergency Braking - technology that will ensure your car brakes if you can't - is the latest TAC vehicle safety campaign. This ad aims to show how AEB is an important safety feature you should include on your list when buying a new car.

Transport Accident Commission Victoria.
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Safer P Platers Play

Here you will find information on how to help your P plate driver get safely through their p plates as the first six months on p plates are the most dangerous. While it may not seem like it, your young driver does listen to you. So, while they gain solo experience, keep talking them through all the risks. Here you will find common situations that affect newly-licensed drivers, along with steps you can take to help keep them safe -- like picking them up from social functions, letting them drive the safer family car on long drives or encouraging them to switch off their mobile to avoid temptations.
Stay involved and get through the red together.

'Speed Campaign' Play

TAC - "Speed Campaign"
Transport Accident Commission Victoria anti speed "Wipe of 5" ads

Motorcycle Safety Campaign Play

TAC Motorcycle Safety Campaign
The campaign reminds riders about the types of risks they are exposed to every time they ride and that no matter who is at fault, it likely to come of second best in the case of a crash.
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