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Stream Recap - Persona 3 FES: Soloing the Journey - Part 1 - Introductions

439 views 3 months ago
This Series runs on Twitch every Sunday at 8pm MST (-7 GMT)
Join me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/SyfeKS

if you want to watch a full run of P3: (P3P FEMC)
Original Answer playthrough:

This Game is Emulated. This play-through uses the original disk to play the game.
Settings and Such here: http://www.youtube.com/watc... (different system)

We start our journey to challenge what we can do alone in P3 FES (i needed a reason to stream on sundays again and here it is)

although not much happens during our last stream so making this video was sort of hard to do since it was mostly cutscenes. although we arrive at the dorm we will be staying at for the year, meet some interesting people (some of which want to shoot us once we arrive) and gain the power of Persona (also we start checking out Tartarus, although it was cut from this since it was tutorials and such. although the following recaps will not be as cut in terms of normal gameplay) Show less
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