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Alyssa Price

Welcome to SuperCaliListic!

605 views 9 months ago
Welcome to SuperCaliListic. Where if nothing else, the sparkle factor is high!

original SuperCaliListic theme song by Todd Michael Schultz
Special thanks to Hayden Perkins and Dustin Ford Show less
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Super Cali Land Play

Click here to watch the latest from Super Cali Listic - bringing sparkle to mobile devices everywhere.

The Whordies Play

So my friend Erica Rhodes and I have decided we are simultaneously complete Internet whores and totally nerdy. Hence WHOR-DY. Get it? No? Well, we do! Watch our YouTube vids and you might start to understand...

Life With Babs Play

Click for vids from Alyssa's channel, Life With Babs, about Andie Mills and her BFF Babs.

Car Adventures with My Mom Play

More fun vids from my YouTube channel SuperCaliListic. In this playlist I video watch the cuteness that is my mom as we ride together in the car. Good times!

SUBSCRIBE http://YouTube.com/SuperCaliListic
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SUBSCRIBE http://YouTube.com/SuperCaliListic
FOLLOW http://twitter.com/AlyssaPrice

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