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Build Your Kingdom Here: Patrick & Rachel Courtney

29 views 3 months ago
Rachel and Patrick Courtney share how they came to the Summit and how they view their role in Gods vision for this church's future. Show less
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Summit Stories Play

Where is God? He is active in each of our life stories. For some, he intervenes in dramatic fashion while, for others, he whispers and directs in the most understated ways. But He is there.

Summit Stories is dedicating this space to those who wish to give voice to their faith and share in a story how God has moved in and through their lives whether in private or through The Summit church.

The Summit will continue throughout the year to add to the list of these stories as it is clear that He has worked his grace, mercy and love into the fabric of so many lives. God is alive and well!

The Summit Growth Group Host Training Series Play

Congratulations and thank you for considering being a Growth Group Host at The Summit! This is a fantastic step in faith that leads to rewarding relationships, belonging and a deeper discovery of Christ - both in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Whether you are contemplating being a Host for the first time or a seasoned veteran taking a quick refresher, this training is for you. Angie Bartlett (Director of Group LIfe) will walk you through the basic foundational truths of what being a Host is all about.

Feel free to contact Angie with any questions at abartlett@reachingthesummit.com

Sermon Series Promotions Play

View the various promotional videos for upcoming sermon series at The Summit

Nicaragua Story Play

Chronicles the story of building homes and hope for the people in Nicaragua through The Summit and Project HOPE
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