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My Moment by StreetLife925

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- LYRICS - "My Moment" By StreetLife925
thru easy and hard times it aint easy to scar lives with a beat i can poar rhymes for the streets to begin with im surprised im still livin shell shocked but im spittin like an old man with all his teeth missin so till i swallow my tongue ima scour the slums bow to no man but still ima honor you gunz give power to none to take life devour with love and trust Christ till my hour is done its been a minute i know but God forgives me for sho for my no shows and the sin in my soul that ive let take control like an idiot this is serious insidious kiss of death so hidious trying to take me further but im watching my weight now away from burgers big pun let a burglar in who made it look like he killed himself i miss him but i mostly miss all my niggaz in hell.

toe to toe with myself blow for blow i need help to show these girls in the world real pearls but i hurl it aint the lust in their eyes but the junk in my mind trying to love and apply past the signs in their vibe, i see it im grievin but i thank God for authority over demons you better believe it i mean it i seen it toe to toe with myself blow for blow i need help to show these boys to avoid fake boys but the noise in these hidden agendas play us like we sega aint nothin new you just late bruh dont hate us Jesus loved me first i aint need a Savior i was runnin poop like pipes in a school thought i was livin true but these pipes wernt flutes like my life wasnt a fluke yo i was a fool.

for the sake of hip-hop mingling with the truth im sizzling in the booth takin it slow ready for ridicule one nation under God indivisible but things are very critical pitiful currently my weapon of choice is my step and my choice to step in and just voice in every session deploy angels God got every angle love the spangled but your pride you gotta mangle humble yourselves humility aint weak your just troubled inside you need Peace He's good for your health kings'll kill for His help but in the end most wanna be kings for themselves hip-hop this has gotta stop blowing my top putting my kids on the spot living like God isn't when He is HOT, curve ball wit a glock.

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StreetLife925... just a hobby. Thank you all who created the picture art i was able to find and illustrate verbal art w/them. Hope you all like it. 100
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