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Vinzenz Stergin

I Am A Nerd by Stergin

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Bathroom Sessions II
Newspaper Articles & More

The rules: every Monday morning I write a song based on a newspaper article. I then record the basic track in the bathroom and then produce it in the studio. It's all written, recorded and produced in 1 day.

This week's song is actually based on a radio show called Sunday Night Safran. I took a dialogue between Paul Verhoeven and John Safran out of yesterday's show and turned it into a song. Here's the link to that specific show: http://goo.gl/eK3gMO

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'Monday Evening Bathroom Sessions' Play

First Edition of the Bathroom Session ended! It was great fun and there's more to come in 2013! Enjoy the rest of 2012.


In the coming weeks I will post a new cover song and perform it in the bathroom. I set myself the following rules: the song must be #14 on the US Billboard Charts. If the following week the same song is on #14 I will cover #22.

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Have a great daaaay,
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