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SVT130 - Oliver Koletzki - I AM OK Play

Get SVT130 - Oliver Koletzki - I AM OK here:
➟ iTunes (GSA): http://bit.ly/1ishuR0
➟ iTunes (WW): http://bit.ly/1k2R5Vp
➟ Beatport (GSA): http://btprt.dj/1fF7BN2
➟ Beatport (WW): http://btprt.dj/QUhi0S

Artist: Oliver Koletzki
Release: I AM OK
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT130
Release: 16.05.2014

w/ Oliver Koletzki
remixes by Claptone, Kellerkind

SVT128 - Niko Schwind - Perfect Fit Play

Get SVT128 - Niko Schwind -- Perfect Fit here:
➟ iTunes: http://bit.ly/1mJ5NDY
➟ Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1j3dx5I

PreOrder Niko Schwind's upcoming album 'Grippin World' here:
➟ Amazon: amzn.to/StTDWC

Artist: Niko Schwind feat. Heartbeat
Release: Perfect Fit
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT128
EP Release: 09.05.2014
Album 'Grippin World' Release: 30.05.2014

SVT125 - Bjoern Stoerig - Hold Play

Get SVT125 - Bjoern Stoerig - Hold here:
➟ iTunes: http://bit.ly/1d6Yhm8
➟ Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1ilmoN0

After the recent success of 'Nouvelle Future', Björn Störig is back on Stil vor Talent with his 'Hold' EP, on which he explores his love for emotionally rich deep house. On 'Do Say Be', Björn once again enlists his good friend Dan Caster, as well as the vocalist Debbie Butts. The result is a laid-back, multi-textured love song, full of warm vocals, lush harmonies and subtle builds. Stunning! 'Hold' is more straight-faced. Here, a tight groove builds endless tension, while Björn showcases his exceptional musicality throughout. Next, 'Do Say Be' gets the remix treatment: Purple Disco Machine turns in a powerful, synth-driven remix, while Boy Next Door opts for a heads-down approach. Rounding things off, the Ukrainian duo Outstrip provide a classy, jazz-infused interpretation.

SVT124 - Animal Trainer - Wide Play

Get SVT124 - Animal Trainer - Wide here:
➟ iTunes: http://bit.ly/1oLQNrr
➟ Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1jF42qE
➟ Amazon: http://amzn.to/1o8vXiZ

Artist: Animal Trainer
Release Title: Wide
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT124
Release: 28.02.2014

Selected Feedback:
Kellerkind: love the whole album, full support!!
Oliver Schories: Still a great tune. Very nice album. Thx
Teenage Mutants: sauber! habt ihr gut gemacht!
Mousse T.: like it a lot
Kruse & Nuernberg: Definitely need some time to check all the tracks but it sounds very nice already.
Channel X: What a great first Album!! This could be a big step forward for the boys. Our favorite track is "Pollen" Keep it up!!;-)
Chi-Thanh: very diverse, different and cool! yeah to the zuerich duo!
Fat Sushi: Absolutely brilliant - from A to Z!
mat.joe: Yeah !!! Wonderful Album!!! Big up!!!
Grizzly: nice one!

SVT123 - Animal Trainer - Walk / Shane EP Play

Get SVT123 - Animal Trainer - Walk / Shane EP here:
➟ iTunes: http://bit.ly/1gf7zLu
➟ Beatport: http://btprt.dj/NJkFaa
➟ Amazon: http://amzn.to/1jfUDVI

Artist: Animal Trainer
Release Title: The Walk / Shane EP
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT123
Release: 14.02.2014

w/ remixes by Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Schories, Zombie Disco Squad

Both children of the illustrious nightlife of trend capital Zurich, Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson -- better know as Animal Trainer -- made a name for themselves with their Rakete parties, held mostly at their home base, the chic Hive club. As dedicated music lovers and passionate entertainers, it was a natural progression for the duo to channel their constant appetite for music and endless parties into their own sounds. Thus, their first baby steps were released on Stil vor Talent in the form of 'Talkshow' in 2008. Today, in February 2014, after numerous releases on renowned labels such as Katermukke, Dantze, Off Recordings or their own Hive Audio, the joyous duo is presenting the debut album 'Wide' on SVT. Here, on the first of two EPs, two of the album's highlights are featured alongside high calibre remixes by Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Schories and Zombie Disco Squad.

Animal Trainer show a completely new side to their productions on the excellent electronica track 'The Walk', on which dub chords pulsate through a broken beat structure and creaking synths. The fragile piano does, however, steal the show here. While Oliver Koletzki decides to significantly up the tempo on his epic, trance-inspired rework, Oliver Schories opts for a contemporary deep house interpretation built around a low-slung bass-line and emotive chords. 'Shane' is a classicistic house homage, alluring the listener with its springy step and feel-good vocal sample -- key features that Zombie Disco Squad emphasise on their sprightly rude-boy remix.

Selected Feedback
Noir - Nice release. On 1st listen the Oliver Koletzki remix is my fave.
Niko Schwind - great pack! thanks
Teenage Mutants - nice boys!
Kruse & Nuernberg - Cool package. I like all versions but Zombie Disco Squad is my fav. That shit is raw!
Florian Meindl - The Zombie Disco Squad Remix is quite cool!
Shir Khan - SHANE Original gefällt mir sehr gut. Gruesse an die Jungs.
Mousse T - beautiful
Low Steppa - Dope
Kry Wolf - The walk sounds real nice. Loving the ZDS mix too
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