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Stevo the Human

Stevo's Theme - Pancake-Fueled Lovin' Machine

3,176 views 3 years ago
Just a request for my friend, otherwise filler. Theme and profile of my main character, Stevo the Human.

Name: Stevo Thomas Christoph the Human

Alternate spellings: Stevo Sahumen

Sex: Male

Species: Human (NO WAI)

Abilities: Can become possessed by his ancestors, also pretty good at video games.

Age: 15

Occupation: Painter

Location: Yelloton

Description: plain brown unbrushed hair with a long strang coming out from his right side and a forked tuft bending into his left cheek. Brown eyes. Sports a pair of brass round-lens glasses. Wears a t-shirt with a smarmy quip with baggy carpenter jeans and black work boots. Sometimes seen in nothing but Scottish flag-pattern boxers.

Kevin the Worm (co-worker, friend)
Paws Fulangis (subordinate)
Rachel Slerr (It's complicated.)
Dr. Wyvern Sahumen (descendant)

A few comics here and there. if Stevo's Stuff weren't so lazy, he'd be more well-known.

Supreme Overlord of All Things Cool and Sexy
Video Game Quixote
That Damn Sahumen

Walfas DNA:
(PROTIP: be sure to put a floating bubble with something written on the shirt.) Show less
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