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Matthew Racz

Jewelry Design: Start Your Own Jewelry Business Play

Do you have a passion for jewelry design? Ever thought about starting your own unique jewelry line or business?

In this episode of Start It Up TV, Alyssa Kuchta, senior at the University of Delaware and owner of her own jewelry company Eff.Y.Bee (Follow Your Bliss), was brave enough to pursue her passion for jewelry design while in college.

In this interview she shares with you the story behind how she got the idea for her line, the exact steps she took to get the business off the ground, and offers tons of tips and advice for anyone dabbling with the idea of starting their own jewelry design business!

Check out her website at http://effybee.com

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How to Optimize Your New Website For Google Play

How to Optimize Your New Website For Google
Start It Up TV was fortunate enough to have Matt Canali, co-founder of A&C Media Consulting, do an SEO and Web Design site review. In the interview, Matt shares his insights on how to better-design my website as well as how I can make improvements in optimizing Start It Up TV for Google.

Make sure you grab a piece of paper and a pen - you're going to want to take lots of notes on the many suggestions Matt gives.

For more great interviews with interesting entrepreneurs, please visit: http://startitup.tv

How to be Awesome at College Play

Thomas Frank is the founder and head geek at College Info Geek, a college blog that publishes tips on studying, technology, money, music, and other student-related topics. The site is visited by thousands of students every month, and ranks in the top 1% of the highest-trafficked websites on the Internet. College Info Geek has partnered with companies like Adobe, Sony, and Vonage to assist with student promotion, has been featured on LifeHacker, HackCollege, CollegeBlender, Student Advisor, and PracticalPremed, and publishes the work of nine contributing writers from around the U.S.

For more interviews with interesting college entrepreneurs, please visit: http://startitup.tv

This interview with Thomas Frank is AWESOME! If you are looking to get into the blogging world but haven't the slightest clue where to start...you should begin your journey with this video.

Preview of what is covered in this interview:

Advice on how to be AWESOME at college

His thoughts and strategies on growing a blog's presence

How he was able to get 9 people on board to write as guest posts

His biggest challenges starting a blog and how he overcame them
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