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Stan Kaye-Smith

Sound Cylinders

301 views 2 years ago
Thus comes another piece of music created by less conventional instruments (in this case my Melodica, one of my tibetan prayer bowls, my voice and a Model Owl) and various sound samples collected on my Voice Recorder, (in this case all of those samples being Cylinder liquid containers, explaining the title).
1. Me blowing across the hole of an empty bottle of "Cidre" and singing at the same time.
2. The pull tab on a can of "7up" being plucked.
3 - 5. Me inhaling through my mouth as an orange Oasis drink falls towards my lips inside its bottle.
6 - 8. A 3/4 empty (approx.) can of Sprite being hit on the side by my phone, causing the liquid to move around the walls of the can, disturbing the vibrations.
9. Me shaking a full closed can of Tomato Soup. Show less
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