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A Helder TV Vacation (In 33 Parts)! Part Two! Play

Okay! So pretty much a year later, and I'm back in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I liked it so much last year I decided to come back this year! It's less parts than last year because I sectioned off the Vanity Theft concert shenanigans into its own thing, as it was too epic to not do so. Anyway, enjoy!

Helder's Vanity Theft Videos! Play

I'm pretty sure the title speaks for itself, don't you? Best. Band. On. EARTH!

HTV... That's Helder Television to you! Play

All the HTV episodes and their various incarnations, as well as miscellaneous videos essentially outside the HTV continuity... Except that makes no sense, since HTV is real... Being THAT boring most of the time, how can it be anything but?
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