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Spirituality & Gnosis Play

Spiritual Knowledge & Gnosis

Spirituality involves the bringing forth the 'true self', the releasing of anything that impedes progress/movement, raising of consciousness/frequency/awareness, connection & integration of Higher Self/Oversoul wisdom.

True spiritual being comes from knowing who you are - in self- actualization & realization, on both a material & soul level.

From knowing where you originated & where you are headed.

From living your true purpose & stating intention.

Practicing compassion, unconditional love and acceptance for all forms within Creation.

Mastery comes from these on-going spiritual practices -
Expression of truth, being, remaining in a state of equanimity, transcending inner conflict & fear.

"Ones spiritual evolution is of greater use to society than any form of 'doing-ness'. The level of compassion radiates out and contributes silently to mankind's wisdom". David R Hawkins.

Seek & You shall find.

Healing & Nutrition Play

Various Healing Modalities, Info & Techniques
Keeping your health in balance is done through physical, spiritual & mental processes.
All dis-ease begins in the mind. Every ailment has a cause that also originates from thought.
We give ourselves a hard time mentally, do not clear residual energies and let blocks and disturbances corrupt our energy fields.
This is the beginning of dis-ease.
Awareness of nutrition and alternative healing is paramount in this world full of toxicity & harmful conventional medicines.
There are many things designed to keep our bodies out of balance.
Empower yourself through knowledge and awareness, know how your body works & what it requires to be strong & maintain a healthy body & mind.
Be positive & supportive, to yourself, learn to release old minds patterns & reprogram, to live a long, balanced and joyful life.
No one deserves more of your care & attention than you.
Incs - Energy Healing, Herbal medicine, Shamanic Cure, Iridology, Meridians, Affirmations, Epigenetics. etc
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