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A Kiss of Life - The Colorado River Connects to the Delta Once Again

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For the first time in a generation, the waters of the Colorado River once again connected with the sea! This historic "connection" occurred on the afternoon of May 15th, 2014.

This short video captures the moment of the connection.

Eight weeks prior to this event, and 80 miles upstream at the Morelos Dam just south of the US - Mexico border, an unprecedented surge of water (called a Pulse Flow) was released into the dry river bed. For the next few days, Over the days and weeks that followed, we followed the water downstream to the town of San Luis de Colorado and witnessed firsthand the spontaneous celebration as a community saw water in the river for the first time in most people's lives.

Reconnecting the River to the Sea once again has been an important priority of the Sonoran Institute and our partners. Though, not permanent, we have proved it can be done and know that with small amounts of water, we can make this a reality.

For more information on our Delta work, go to: http://www.sonoraninstitute...

For more information on our partner, Raise the River, go to: http://www.raisetheriver.org/
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