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  • Lol, that would be physically impossible, lol

    Coming Soon: "So Not Famous" - A New Webshow/Vlog Series.

    • 2 years ago
    Many of you have seen It Gets Better.. but this time, I want to tell my story on my own. Uncut and full of transparency.

    My friends and co-workers joke around when people "notice me." They ask me ...
  • My brotha mane!

    Kevin Marc cypher 3 submission: Na'Ledge~

    Kevin Marc cypher 3 submission
  • @jurnirayne Hey! Man, I'd LOVE to hear you do an acoustic version. Email me your ideas so we can plan accordingly.musicofthesoleil@gmail.com I wrote the lyrics and melody. Thank-you!!

    With You - *NEW SOLEIL 2012*

    • 2 years ago
    All lyrics and music owned by Soleil and The Soltreet Collective

    Look me in the eyes and tell me you cannot feel just what I feel
    Don't act so surprised, when I say that no one's quite lik...
  • GREAT episode! Saw some familiar faces in your cast! Haha!

    *If you liked "It's A Shame" check out my newest track right here on youtube! "With You"* Support your favorite tomboy SOL singer! :)

    Thanks again for the feature Mina! The show is awesome.

    Season 1 Come Take a Walk With Me Episode 4

    Channing has started her junior year and a lot has changed since AJ running off with Ashleigh. It took her 6 months to fully let go and realize that she deserved better. She and Ka'Maya tried datin...
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