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Sayer Raider

[SFM] Pony Fortress 2 - Meet The Team

92,836 views 10 months ago
Wallpaper: http://sayer09.deviantart.c...

And this is my greatest work so far. It took me longer than expected for these reasons:

-I had drawings to do and stories to write.
-I have a life outside the Internet, as much as I hate it.
-I wanted to upgrade my PC and didn't have enough money.
-I started using After Effects CS7 and got weird problems from CS3 to CS5,5.
-I added new animations for the characters during their title cards.
-I created different sequences for both title cards and camera movement.
-I created the title cards from scratch because I didn't like the old ones.
-I added the last scene as a tribute to the "Meet The Team" videos.
-I'm too godamned lazy.
-What, do you need more reasons? Show less
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[SFM] Pony Fortress 2: Teamwork is Magic Play

My collection of animations done with SFM. Warning: Contains ponies and lots of adorable moments.

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