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Solstice - No Sol

36 views 4 months ago
Beat: Solstice
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Chris/Seraphim- The Night Before the Morning After Play

The Night Before the Morning After is a collection of instrumental hip hop tracks collected over several sessions and sequenced as a continuous mix.

Combining synth, piano, guitar, bass and several layers of samples, this album is firmly rooted in hip hop techniques but also has a rough acoustic quality to it.

The ten tracks of this album represent a night of falling in love and the reality of the commitment the next day. Added lyrics would probably sound cheesy, so instead of directly describing the events, the tracks convey the abstraction of the spectrum of emotions.

This is the third release from SWS Records. The album was produced and mixed by Seraphim, a collaboration between Chris and Solstice. It is now available for free digitally or for a suggested donation as a packaged album.
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