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Paul Duncan

  • The Wild Predators

    Red fox kits explore their neighborhood. These youngsters (approx. 4-5 weeks old) currently reside under a shed at the side of our yard.
  • Glass Blowing Demo

    A hot glass demo at the Corning Museum of Glass shows off the glass blowing skill of gaffer (master glassmaker) Lynn LaBarr, narrated by master glassmaker George Kennard.

    Apologies for the roughne...
  • Steps In Making Pottery

    A brief overview of the making of ceramic mugs hints at the surprising number of steps and amount of work a potter invests in creating hand-crafted pottery.
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  • Shutter/Flash Synchronization

    The SLR camera's focal plane shutter and shoe-mount electronic flashes are described and the way in which they synchronize is explained. Electronic shutter mode, high-speed sync, and second-curtai...
    • CC
  • Do-It-Yourself Ground Pod

    A do-it-yourself ground pod for your photography is described along with some tips to use it.
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  • Strobist Preliminaries

    This is a brief introduction to basic gear and terminology for the beginning strobists, photographers using small off-camera flashes to take their photos to the next level.
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