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Customer Testimonial: HCC Medical Insurance Services - Slingshot SEO

619 views 2 years ago

HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC - http://www.hccmis.com - is a provider of international medical insurance and short-term health insurance with offices across the globe.

Mark Carney, President and CEO of HCCMIS, says, "Our collaboration with Slingshot SEO has been instrumental in building our organization into a leading brand in the worldwide medical insurance industry. The dedication of their team has been a significant reason why we have become a deserving brand in online search." Show less
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Search is at the heart of how people and businesses experience the web. What happens in search shapes the rest of how the Internet (and the economy) works -- it has become the lynchpin of our daily lives, and heartbeat of our society.

At root, search done well is completely altruistic -- a simple service that succeeds or fails based on how it benefits people in the real world. If the search engine cheats, sells out, or delivers weak results, it dies. It's a remarkable expression of American values of quality, merit, service and integrity.

Search is the ultimate proving ground for the quality and merits of businesses. It is set up so that the good guys win and the bad guys are driven away.

It's our honor to play a role in the advancement of search, namely by helping deserving brands achieve search dominance. Slingshot SEO works exclusively with "good guys," and we help them win, every time.

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Our clients have demonstrated value and the ability to provide quality impact for their customers, and it is our pleasure to help them be more readily discovered by new customers.

We engage in deep partnership with our clients, and focus our energies on enterprise caliber businesses that are able to bring both human and financial resources to bear to achieve their objectives. We do not require our partners to begin with a sophisticated understanding of SEO, but we do choose to work only with businesses that are coachable and dedicated to their own success.

Our solutions work equally well in any industry -- the industry matters far less than the maturation level and passion for success our clients bring to the partnership.

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Do you have a question about digital marketing? Our community of experts is standing by to answer any and all of your queries. Simply fill out the form on http://connect.slingshotseo.com/ask-an-expert, and we'll pick one question per week to be featured in our Ask An Expert video series. You can also submit your question via Twitter by using #AskAnExpert.

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In order to continue to produce for our clients, we stay on top of best practices, emerging trends, peer reporting, and changes in the science of the industry so that we can humbly and nimbly respond to the realities we encounter.

We track industry trends and continually test processes for improvement. We are so serious about this that we shut down operations one day per week to focus on research and sharing information. We also continue to aggressively build a world-class in-house research team dedicated exclusively to the evolution of search.

We work in a fascinating industry during a fascinating stage of its development, and we have a ton of friends in this field. We also want to see the science of search continue to evolve in a direction that delivers increasing value to end users. It is our pleasure to share what we learn with the world, and feedback is always welcomed.
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