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  • What's the point of this garbage? Why did it show up in my suggestions list? Youtube, you morons.What made you think I had the slightest interest in this?

    The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012

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    FailArmy's best girl fails of 2012 put together in one fail compilation for your viewing pleasure.

    To see all the individual ...
  • This is an excellant, brief introduction to lucid dreaming which covers most of the basic points. I'd note that LaBerge observed that analog clocks are less reliable reality checks (he calls them 'stasis checks') than digital clocks.

    I experienced sleep paralysis from an early age, and am well used to it now. I believe I have gone somewhat beyond usual lucid dreaming categories. Most of my LD's are WILDs, but I can also experience what I call hypnogogic lucid episodes, where I consciously,

    The Science of Lucid Dreaming

    TWEET IT - http://clicktotweet.com/8kcnO

    Have you ever wanted to take control of your dreams? Now you can, with the science of how to lucid dream! With these simple steps, and a little practice, y...
  • He said, "This is a song from 'Music for a New Society...' I'd heard enough recent bootlegs to know his songlist. I was in the 2nd row and called 'Chinese Envoy'. He turned and looked me with a slightly surprised expression and said 'That's right!'

    Not so exciting, but a highlight for me.

    John Cale - Guts & Chinese Envoy (Rockpalast 1983)

    Live, 1983. This one was meant for Kevin Ayers.
  • Actually I disliked 'Natural Born Killers' except for this fantastic scene. Dangerfield is brilliant and wrote all his own lines. I would have loved to see him alongside Divine in a John Waters movie. He would have made an superb husband to Francine Fishpaw in 'Polyester'.

    Natural Born Killers - Dinner scene

    What work? I'm unemployed.
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  • I'm amazed at the meatheaded, angry responses to this clip - often invoking hell, which is nothing to with Buddhism or the Dalai Lama - in fact I'm sure he would be appaled by such vitriolic rants. I like the DL. He's hard not to like. Micallef is a genius (check other Newstopia clips). I'm sure he respects the DL - this is Pythonesque, absurdist satire. But DL has habit of laughing his arse off at any serious questions and it can get annoying. I think he'd laugh his arse off at this.

    Does the Dalai Lama ever get angry? (Newstopia Interview)

    The Dalai Lama interviewed on the prestigious news programme Newstopia.
  • The best video I've seen for this wonderous song - though it could be argued that the song should have no video. Or song :)


  • Additional comments: agree 'Walk on the Water' is one of his greatest songs. But, despite several incredible numbers - obviously including this one - I don't think 'Girls on the Avenue' is as good as the sublime 'Goodbye Tiger', which the 2CD comp rightly describes as 'the first GREAT Australian rock album'.

    'Blue Bay Blues' is one of the almost countless RC songs which agonise between city/country, old/new, water/sea (Capricorn Dancer, Oceans of the Heart, Devil in paradise, Deep Water)

    BLUE BAY BLUES (1975) by Richard Clapton

    Blue Bay Blues is a song referencing coastal town Byron Bay, on the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia. My interpretation is that it concerns someone living in the city (such as Sydney) l...
  • Agree with comment below, but who was he? Who cares? . Remember seeing these two vids. This was of course the 'second' tour of Australia. The first was 1996 promoting UTBUTS and was cancelled by the band breaking up, but it resulted in the 'GBV/Superchunk' ep.

    Guided By Voices on The 10-30 Slot

    Guided By Voices on Australian Television March 2000. The songs are "Teenage FBI" and "Surgical Focus".
  • One of my fave songs, set to one of my fave movies - THANK YOU! .

    Someone asked if there is more than one version of this song. This is the version from 'Wolf City' (1972). There is a different version from 'The best of - 1969-74'.

    'evoking swirling gusts of icy snow and the emergence of an ancient Frankenstein monstor from some Transylvanian cave as the... voice of a demented Hitler shrieks garbled nonsense into the wind' (Greg Shaw, Phonograph, 3/73)


    • by actron
    • 8 years ago
    video for Amon Duul's "Deutsch Nepal" that features animation from Ralph Bakshi.
  • To be honest, the performance looks like crap, but I'm just amazed that footage of it exists at all, so, from a fan, thanks.

    Footrot Flats The Musical - We Don't Need Words

    This is the musical's love duet, sung by Wal and Cheeky, and later, with different lyrics, by Dog and Jess. The video finishes with the finale or curtain call versions.
  • You know it's live when the singer drops the mic, and there's a mic hitting the floor noise :)

    Radio Birdman "Aloha Steve and Dano"

    From "Radios Appear"

    live at Irving Plaza.
  • Sparks - I Predict


    Sparks - I Predict (music video)

    Song from the album A...
  • Love the movie, love the song. Not a criticism - I think they meant it as a tribute - but this is 'Lost and Found' by The Kinks (1986). Search for 'kinks lost found'

    The Flame Still Burns - Strange Fruit

    By Strange Fruit - from "Still Crazy" Screen
    For all frustradet Folks in the world!
    Your Flame still burns and don't give up!!
  • Classic. I don't know what else to say. Except do the whole 20-odd minutes of '

    The Horn' with Ice Warriors.

    DALEKS! -This bloke came up to me..

    Derek and Clive get caught in the Time Vortex and end up in an alternate universe as Daleks.
  • That's a hell of a weird sounding Les Paul. IOW not live. Yeah, that's Ginger. Shocking replacement for the great Simon King. Disagree on Levitation. Although it has it's odd charm, it was their first post 70's studio album, and my rule of thumb for HW is that nearly everything they did in the 70's was great, and almost nothing they did since is good. All the same, I've not seen this before, so thanks. BTW part of the last track on this album was used as backing music for a Yamaha motorbike ad.

    Hawkwind - World Of Tiers (Promo)

    Video for the song from the superb album 'Levitation'
  • "My passions include.... squeaky toys shaped like bananas" - LMAO! And that was one of the bits they DIDN't cut of this show! Classic. One season. Well, it did have the misfortune to have Princess Diana and Prince Charles in it, the year Di died (cut), and H amd B Clinton a couple of times, and anal Freudian jokes... well you can still hear Tress McNeill in Futurama. Cult classic.

    Colleen's Interrogation

    Colleen is interrogated.
  • What a great song/band/clip. I used to have LP 'Fruit Loop City' but guess it vanished when I sold about 600 LPs when I was skint in the 90s. Fred Negro is magic. I gather there's a statue of him in St Kilda. Nostalgia: drummer has Sth Melbourne top. Fave bit was always Fred bashing himself in the side of the head with a dead fish. Thanks for posting this.

    I Spit on Your Gravy-Pirahna

    I Spit on your Gravy doing "Pirahna", featuring the Cosmic Psychos Robbie Rocket, Fred Negro, Jason Lovepig, Scotty Stix Simpson, Grizzly, and Di and Sindy the Spitettes!
  • Correction: that IS Hughes doing those embarrassing. shrieking vocals. I shoulda known. Coverdale acquits himself well by comparison

    Deep Purple - Burn 1974 HD (Live in California)

    California Jam 1974 Ritchie Blackmore(Gtr), David Coverdale (vcl), Glenn Hughes (bss/vcl), Jon Lord (kbr) and Ian Paice (drm
  • Re last comment: Kinks had reputation as incredibly drunk band. When they toured Australia in 66 or 67, Dave brained Ray with a beer bottle. A friend of a friend says that - in New York, late 70's - Ray was responsible for the most amazing performance of any singer who was so drunk he had to lie on the floor to sing.

    The Kinks - Dead End Street

    The Kinks - Dead End Street
  • The Kinks kept me sane in the mid 80's, and this is one of their latest, greatest* songs (with a great film clip). Of course it sank like a stone. So what? Everyone was into Culture Club or The Bangles. The other guy in the subway is original Kinks Drummer Mick Avory, who left after this album, but Ray insisted on having him in the video (1984).

    * latest, greatest song may have been 'Scattered' from 1993, but check out Ray's 'Workingmans Cafe' (2007)

    The Kinks - Do it again

    A video clip from one of the best pop bands in history.
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