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Official Music Videos Play

One of our favorite things to do from time to time is to create our own music videos with our good friend and film-making wizard, Eric Perez. All of the music videos you see are "homemade", so to speak, and we take pride in the fact that we don't have to seek out a professional company to do this with us. We feel so blessed to have Eric on board!

Not only are all of our videos self-produced, but so are all of our recordings. That is, everything you hear in the music videos (and in our debut album coming soon!) We record a lot of the stuff in James' bedroom, so what you're hearing isn't all smoke and mirrors...it's the real deal.

Check out Eric's other creations at youtube.com/eviperfilms and get stoked for our debut album "Breaking Ground" coming out soon!

Live Footage Play

A collection of live videos we've accumulated over the years. Some old, some new. The audio quality on some of these is less than great, so we're sorry about that! The videos only do so much, so if you want to hear what we really sound like, you should come to a show :) Enjoy!

EstaBlogs Play

What is EstaBlog? EstaBlog is a video blog that captures everything the band does in between live shows and music videos. This is where you can catch the band backstage, behind the scenes, in the studio, and just having a good time. Captured by our very own Esteban Cervantes (lead guitar), some are more random than others, but they all offer a glimpse into our lives together. Enjoy!
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