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LIONHEART: Junpiter Futbol

1,872 views 1 year ago
A two-minute video of a person who is passionate about his sport and goes out of the way, to make it a part of his everyday life.

With the support of friends and family, Jun Tan, a 32 year old, Senior Exhibition Manager at the Marina Bay Sands, started to blog regularly about football two years ago. He created an online platform, Junpiter Futbol (JPF), in hope to gather football enthusiasts to meet and share their stories and opinions.

Over the last 18 months, Jun has interviewed football experts from all around the world. He believes that by hearing what the players have to share, about their experience from playing at the highest level, helps local football fans and players gain more insights on the sport.

His self-initiated efforts have also gained him industry recognition, allowing him greater access to bigger names and further places. To date, he has spoken to over 30 subjects and travelled to 5 countries for interviews. These interviewees are open to share what they know, in support of Jun's cause.

Jun hopes that with time, JPF can grow and reach out to many more readers and communities in the region.

Junpiter Futbol (JPF) is an online platform where great futboling minds meet. JPF aims to contribute to the growth of Singapore futbol, as well as to share the Passion for the game with many others in various ways - such as JPF Talk, JPF Blog and JPF Video.

Do show some support for Jun's cause!

Check out his blog at www.junpiterfutbol.com for latest football news.
Like his FB page at www.facebook.com/junpiterfutbo­l and track his most recent events.
You can also tweet him and say hi @junpiterfutbol.

Video created by
The Flying Kick Asia, in appreciation of local talents, self-starters, and passionate individuals, groups and organisations, that are doing their part to contribute to our society.

Music by
"Holy Roller (Instrumental)" by YACHT (www.teamyacht.com)

Special thanks to
www.hosaywood.com (for the supporting footage of local football matches) Show less
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M for Magic Singapore - Season 02: Out of the Ordinary Play


M for Magic Singapore is back with Season 02 presented by Lumix G and shot entirely with the Lumix GH2 cameras.

In the latest season; "Out of the Ordinary", we follow 12 magicians with over 20 new acts into the heartlands of Singapore as they perform brand new sets of magic to everyday folks like you and I.

This season also spots a talent-studded appearance from local talents and artistes which includes musicians like Sarah Cheng De-Winne, Joakim Gomez (Singapore Idol), We The Thousands, Shirlyn Tan & The UnXpected, Jill Marie Thomas (OMG winner) and FLY Entertainment artistes such as Mindee Ong (881, 12 Lotus), Jacqueline Chow, Nikki Muller, Chua Enlai, Alaric Tay and George Young!

The Underground Stage Singapore Season 01: On Fashion. Play

The Underground Stage (TUS) Singapore is a seasonal docu-series where we show insights into Singapore's arts, creative, production and media & publishing industries.

In the first season, we focus on fashion - past, present and future of Singapore's rag trade, beyond the familiar perceived nouns of glamour, sex, and currency of high fashion. These online short portraits will feature 9 fashion related roles from designers to choreographers and models to photographers.

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Most importantly, we hope to be the bridge between the young and old, and to understand the differences that have shaped our current society.
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